Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

Xender File sharing application is using the advanced wifi direct method. New users have many questions regarding the app before download and installation. As an official website of the Xender app, we collect the most asking questions and make a frequently asked question page for the best user experience. We are updating all questions and adding new answers from time to time. However, do you have any additional questions, please use our feedback sharing forum. We are dedicated to find and provide solutions as soon as possible.

Q. Does Xender need mobile data to transfer files and other functionalities?

No. Xender advance file transferring application make a personal hotspot to get connect with outer devices. Xender app is using the advanced Wifi direct method to transfer any large file. Therefore, Xender users do need mobile data to transfer any format files and it is not just like other alternative file transferring applications.

Q. Can I set the file storing location in the receiving device?

Definitely yes. Xender offers two options to select the receiving file storing location in the receiving end.  The first option is storing in the SD memory card and the second option is storing in the phone memory.

Method of changing the storing location – Go to Xender app’s “Settings” > open “Storage Location” section > Choose your option (Either SD card memory or Phone Storage).

If your device does not have any SD card slot, you can see the phone storage option only.

Q. Why do I select Xender Application as my first choice?

There are few outstanding features to select the Xender app for all new users. Such as,

  • Zero mobile data usage.
  • Zero cost for use all features.
  • No need for any physical data cables and USB port usage.
  • No file size limitation for both ends (sending and receiving).
  • Cross-platform compatibility. (Xender supports all famous operating system platforms – Smartphones – iOS, Android, Windows, and PC – Windows, Mac)
  • Safely migrate your all sensitive data.
  • Easy file manager features. (You can view all types of files, copy, move and delete very straightforward).
  • Support over 45 languages as an in-built feature.

The Advance Xender app has plenty of advantages over other typical file transferring applications. You can refer to “Advance Features Of Xender App” for more information.

Q. What is Xender?

Xender is an application that transfers files between two connected devices with flash speed. It supports you to transfer and share any files in any size and format, like documents, pictures, videos, movies, music, apps, and so on.

Q. How Xender works?

When you are connecting with other mobile phones, not using mobile data, the Xender app creates a Wi-Fi hotspot on one device that can be connected by other mobile phones. It creates a direct link between the devices without using an internet connection so no data usage will be required.

Q. Does Xender have any pro version?

Xender is available with completely free of charge. Currently, there is no any premium paid version available in the application market. Thank to Xender, the free app provides all features and functionalities for users. You can get the full experience and enjoy with Xender apk.

Q. What is the meaning of Xender app supporting cross-platforms?

Xender file sharing application can share any scale of file or any format of the file as below.

  • Android Phone to Android Phone
  • iOS Phone to iOS Phone
  • Android Phone to iOS Phone
  • Android Phone to Windows Phone
  • Android Phone to Windows PC
  • iOS Phone to Windows Phone
  • iOS Phone to Windows PC
  • iOS Phone to Mac PC
  • Android Phone to Mac PC
  • Mac PC to Mac PC
  • Mac PC to Windows PC
  • Mac PC to Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone to Windows Phone
  • Windows PC to Windows PC

You can refer to the Xender full guide from the Xender official website – “How to use the Xender File Sharing Application”.

Q. How to import data to Android devices?

You ensure that your Android device has the personal Hotspot feature. Then you have to connect your Android device and another device through the personal Hotspot which your Android device created in a general way.

After that, you can see the connected device icon as well as the name. Tap on it. Then you can continue the “Import friend’s data”. Friend device should give permission to import data from the second device.

Then you can see the complete file manager to select any type of data (images, videos, documents and etc).

This is not only for Android devices. You can follow a similar procedure to import data from any device to iOS devices, Windows phones, and PCs.